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Read on to find out more about my upcoming events and retreats. If you have any further questions please drop us an email on

Fit Mind Live Workshop

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This Workshop Is For

  • Those looking to identify and go beyond unhelpful patterns and behaviors.

  • Anyone looking to better understand stress, trauma and the mind/body connection.

  • Those looking to connect with, share with and learn from like minded people.

  • Those looking to practice self compassion and understanding of our different ‘parts’.

  • Anyone looking to better understand and work with triggers and difficult emotions.

  • Those looking to take a day to step back, pause and reflect.

  • Anyone looking for a practical and proactive approach to improved mental, emotional and relational wellness.

Upcoming Dates

  • Belfast, May 21st 2023 (10-6pm)

  • Dublin, April 16th 2023 (10-6pm)

  • Cork, April 23rd 2023  (10-6pm)

  • Galway, May 7th 2023  (10-6pm)

Base Camp (Men’s Event) Live Workshop


This Workshop Is For

  • Any man looking to go beyond unhealthy patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

  • Any man looking to take a more proactive approach to self-care and wellness.

  • Any man who wants to embody more leadership in his own life.

  • Any man looking to break patterns of isolation and connect with other men.

  • Any man ready for transformation and a new chapter in life.

Upcoming Dates

  • Belfast, April 8th 2023 (10-6pm)

  • Dublin, April 15th 2023 (10-6pm)

  • Cork, April 22nd 2023  (10-6pm)

  • Galway, April 30th 2023  (10-6pm)

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