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A One-Day Workshop For Men Exploring Mental, Emotional and Relational Wellness.

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Upcoming Sessions


Timing - 10am-6pm (Lunch 1-2pm)
Price - €125


I am really excited to be offering this series of one day workshops for men in April 2023 at venues around Ireland. The workshop will allow a chance to connect with like minded men in a relaxed environment whilst exploring topics around mental, emotional and relational wellness.


Whether you have a background in topics like men’s work, meditation or personal development or are brand new to these areas I am confident you will leave the session feeling a greater sense of clarity, confidence and connection after going through a number of practical exercises on the day and sharing conversation with other men leaning in to this work.

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This workshop is for -

  • Any man looking to go beyond unhealthy patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

  • Any man looking to take a more proactive approach to self-care and wellness.

  • Any man who wants to embody more leadership in his own life.

  • Any man looking to break patterns of isolation and connect with other men.

  • Any man ready for transformation and a new chapter in life.

In the workshop you will -

  • Learn about the mind/body connection’s role in improving mental health.

  • Learn body-based exercises for alleviating stress and anxiety.

  • Connect authentically with men from many different backgrounds.

  • Gain a greater understanding of ‘the shadow’, the parts of ourselves we repress, hide or deny.

  • Connect with and begin a relationship with your ‘inner child’, a younger version of you who still shows up in your life in adulthood, particularly in times of fear.

  • Learn about the 4 masculine archetypes- king/warrior/magician/lover.

  • Explore the emotions of joy, anger, grief and fear.

  • Identify your core values which act as a compass in life for decision-making.

  • Learn simple breathwork and somatic techniques for improved mental/emotional health.

  • Map out your intentions and ‘gameplan’ for the months following the workshop.


On the day we’ll explore…..

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The Mind Body Connection

Though we may think of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other difficult states as being problems to solve in the mind, in truth a key distinction in mental and emotional wellness is understanding the importance of nervous system training and the mind body connection.


We will explore what happens within our system in times of stress, trauma or overwhelm and tools for creating safety and soothing for ourselves rather than reaching outward to unhealthy behaviors in efforts  to ease pain, tension or difficult emotions.


The Shadow

Though we come into the world as children with 360 degree personalities showing all of our emotions, over time we learn that in order to stay safe and win love/approval we’ve got to hide certain parts of who we are and exaggerate other aspects of ourselves.


We unconsciously develop our persona (the mask we show the world) and our shadow (all that we hide from the world). These parts of ourselves that we hide, repress or deny often create chaos and pain in our lives.


We will explore how we can re-integrate our hidden parts in a healthy and empowering way to find greater levels of self acceptance and ease in life.


The Inner Child

Though we get older and grow biologically in age, we often get stuck psychologically in our development at times in the past where we became fearful, overwhelmed or isolated.


Triggers in our adult lives can leave us feeling like a fearful boy or teenager rather than a capable and grounded man.


In inner child work we can come to support the more vulnerable parts of ourselves and go beyond disempowering behaviors and beliefs.


King Energy and Feeling Joy

Our king represents the part of us that creates structure and order in our lives. The energy of the king allows for leadership and joy within our ‘kingdom’.


When our king is off the throne however there is often chaos in the kingdom.


In its shadow expressions we see the tyrant king who looks to hold power over others or the weakling who puts others on pedestals.


In its healthy expression our king brings clarity, wisdom and joy to our lives. We will look at exercises around developing a healthy sense of self and embodying this healthy king energy.


Warrior Energy and Clean Anger

Our warrior is the part of us that set’s healthy boundaries, takes disciplined action and lives in line with a set of core values.


Associated with the emotion of anger, when our healthy warrior is not ‘online’ we often act out from its shadow expressions of the people pleaser who fears his anger, or the bully who is overridden by his anger.


We will identify core values, get clear on the boundaries needed in our lives and explore the emotion of clean anger.


Lover Energy and Grief

Our ‘lover’ energy relates to our capacity to feel and to connect to ourselves, to others and to the world. As boys many of us were taught that we should not cry or express emotion.


This can result in us acting out the shadow expressions of the lover, the addict who is driven completely by his feelings or the impotent who becomes shut down and numb to their feelings, and thus to life.


In working with the lover archetype, we will look for means of creating space in our lives to hold space for our own feelings and connect to our bodies rather than acting out in destructive patterns and behaviors.


Magician Energy and Fear

Our magician energy relates to our thinking part. When understood and developed, our healthy magician can help us go beyond our fears and create transformation in our lives, finding perspective and new ways of approaching life.


When expressed in unhealthy ways our magician can leave us in a place of manipulating/controlling others with our intellect, or struggling to harness the focus to achieve what we want to achieve whilst resenting not having the results we want in life.


Here we will explore unconscious fears and create space for perspective and transformation of old beliefs.


Your Road Map

Taking everything we cover on the day, each attendee will leave with a clear road map to support them in their journey over the coming months with a clear action plan aligned to their values.

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I haven’t attended anything like this before. Will I be ok?

Yes! Mens from all backgrounds and of all ages have attended these types of sessions with me in the past. From psychotherapists and shamanic practitioners practicing for thirty years to men attending their first ever ‘wellness workshop’.


As long as you are at least eighteen years old and come in with an open mind you will be good to go!

Should I attend alone or with a friend?

Generally I have found around 70% of the men attending have come alone though you are of course welcome to come with friends.


You will be encouraged throughout the day to connect with different men in partner exercises and so even if you attend with a friend I will prompt you to meet some new people.

What will the layout of the day look like?

Registration will begin from 9am and the workshop itself will begin at 10am and conclude at 6pm. There will be an hour for lunch from 1-2pm. (Lunch is not covered in the cost of admission and so you can eat onsite or in a venue close by).


From 10-1pm and 2-6pm in the main sessions there will be lectures, practical exercises, partner work and meditation/breath and somatic tools shared. You are encouraged to engage with as much of the material as possible but if at any point you want to take a break or step out from an exercise you are very welcome to.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds or transfers on tickets to these sessions. 

See You In April?

Although we will cover a lot on the day there will be plenty of time to connect with other attendees and engage with practical exercises that take the ideas shared and bring them to life for you.


You will leave with a clear set of simple actions you can take in your life to maintain a sense of confidence, clarity and connection to yourself and those around you.


Follow the links below to book in for a session or if you have any questions about the sessions please drop us an email at

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