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coaching programs for mental, emotional and relational wellness

Make sure you don't miss Pat's newest book #1 Bestseller 'Fit Mind'.

8 weeks to change your inner soundtrack and tune into your greatness.

new book- fit mind

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sunday evening

breath work

A 60-minute connected breathwork journey and meditation for improved clarity, stress relief, improved sleep and recovery.

base camp men's group

Because we all need to level-up right now, it is easier than ever to work with me in a group setting. Join me and a team of like-minded men every week for live coaching.

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Your team needs to be supported and aligned around a set of aims. You want to give your people the very best techniques and personal tools for keeping well and staying strong no matter what.

corporate training

pat divilly coaching and facilitation

About Pat
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pat's mission

I create an authentic and connected world by allowing the space for myself and others to live with compassion, curiosity and playfulness.