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free weekly community breath work class

Join my free weekly Journey The Breath class every Sunday at 10am Irish time. These 75 minute sessions offer a chance to quieten the mind, release tension and stress and tune into intuition.  

the masculine core

The Masculine Core six week program is for men looking for a roadmap and support in improving physical, mental, emotional and relational health.


It is for those looking to create change in their lives, going beyond addictions and reactivity to find more purpose, fulfillment, connection and meaning. It is for men who are ready for change and willing to invest time, energy and effort to a new way of being.


corporate workshops

Pat provides executive coaching, workshops and programs for corporate clients globally with a focus on areas including mental and emotional wellness, communication with self and others, resiliency and true self-care. Please get in touch to find out how he can support your organisation or team. 

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