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A one-day practical workshop to gain a deeper connection to self and other. 

We will explore the mind-body connection and its role in mental, emotional

and relational wellness.

Upcoming Sessions


Timing - 10am-6pm (Lunch 1-2pm)
Price - €125

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Over the last eight years I have delivered over two hundred workshops around Ireland and the UK exploring topics around personal development, wellness, meditation, growth and healing.


In recent years most of these workshops have been shorter evening sessions and so I am excited to be back delivering a series of full day workshops this April centered around the mind body connection.


These day long workshops will explore mental, emotional and relational health with stories, insights, practical exercises and concepts to support you on your journey.


You’ll be surrounded by people passionate about this type of work and will have the chance to press pause, step back and gain a deeper connection to self and others.

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This workshop is for -

  • Those looking to identify and go beyond unhelpful patterns and behaviors.

  • Anyone looking to better understand stress, trauma and the mind/body connection.

  • Those looking to connect with, share with and learn from like-minded people.

  • Those looking to practice self-compassion and understanding of our different ‘parts’.

  • Anyone looking to better understand and work with triggers and difficult emotions.

  • Those looking to take a day to step back, pause and reflect.

  • Anyone looking for a practical and proactive approach to improved mental, emotional and relational wellness.

In the workshop you will -

  • Learn about the mind/body connection’s role in improving mental health.

  • Learn body-based practices for alleviating stress and anxiety.

  • Be introduced to working with the ‘shadow’, our disowned and repressed parts.

  • Learn to identify and understand some of our many sub-personalities.

  • Begin or continue a relationship with your ‘inner child.

  • Understand the role emotional triggers play in our growth and healing.

  • Learn principles of authentic heart-based communication.

  • Those interested in learning practices for more authentic communication.

  • Develop a simple set of practices to support mental, emotional and relational wellness.


“What you are aware of you are in control of. What you are not aware of is in control of you”.
Anthony De Mello

On the day we’ll explore…..

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The Mind Body Connection

Though we may think of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other difficult states as being problems to solve in the mind, in truth a key distinction in mental and emotional wellness is understanding the importance of nervous system training and the mind body connection.


We will explore what happens within our system in times of stress, trauma or overwhelm and tools for creating safety and soothing for ourselves rather than reaching outward to unhealthy behaviors in efforts  to ease pain, tension or difficult emotions.


The Shadow

Though we come into the world as children with 360 degree personalities showing all of our emotions, over time we learn that in order to stay safe and win love/approval we’ve got to hide certain parts of who we are and exaggerate other aspects of ourselves.


We unconsciously develop our persona (the mask we show the world) and our shadow (all that we hide from the world). These parts of ourselves that we hide, repress or deny often create chaos and pain in our lives.


We will explore how we can re-integrate our hidden parts in a healthy and empowering way to find greater levels of self acceptance and ease in life.


The Inner Child

Though we get older and grow biologically in age, we often get stuck psychologically in our development at times in the past where we became fearful, overwhelmed or isolated.


Triggers in our adult lives can leave us feeling like a fearful boy or teenager rather than a capable and grounded man.


In inner child work we can come to support the more vulnerable parts of ourselves and go beyond disempowering behaviors and beliefs.


Parts Work

Though we might see ourselves as one personality, it can be useful to explore the idea that we are composed of many different parts. Each of our different parts hold different drivers, fears and world views and so we can sometimes find ourselves in conflict with ourselves, wanting one thing but doing the opposite.


In getting to know our different parts we can come to a greater understanding of why we do the things we do and how we can create positive change in our lives.


Triggers, Growth and Healing

In reacting to or avoiding challenging emotions or situations we often get caught in auto-pilot patterns or cycles which keep us feeling stuck. By gaining a greater understanding of our emotional triggers and reactions and their origins we can show up differently and create opportunities for growth and healing in our lives. 


Self Compassion

The way we speak to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves, about others and about life. We can often find ourselves listening to the voice of our inner critic or inner saboteur and feeling at the mercy of our critical thoughts. The practice of self compassion allows us to gain greater awareness and acceptance of ourselves.


Conscious Communication

In much the same way as our inner dialogue creates cycles of familiar feelings and actions, the way we communicate with others can either leave us feeling disconnected and fearful or connected and safe. We will explore principles for showing up more compassionately and authentically in our outward communication.

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Your Self Care System

Taking everything we cover on the day, each attendee will leave with a simple self care system to support mental, emotional and relational wellness and mind/body health. With us all being unique, this will be a system that works for you as an individual and supports your aspirations and vision.

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See You In April?


I haven’t attended anything like this before. Will I be ok?

Yes! People of all ages and from all backgrounds attend these sessions. Whether you have been ‘doing the work’ for years or are brand new to personal development and meditation I am confident you will really enjoy and gain a lot from the Fit Mind workshop.

Should I attend alone or with a friend?

There is generally a mix of people who come alone and others who come with a friend or family member. Whatever the case, I endeavor to create a relaxed and safe environment where you will have a chance to connect with like minded (and maybe some not so like minded) people! I recognise it can be intimidating to attend a session alone but you will be quickly put at ease and may even leave with some new friends.

What will the layout of the day look like?

Registration will begin from 9am and the workshop itself will begin at 10am and conclude at 6pm. There will be an hour for lunch from 1-2pm. (Lunch is not covered in the cost of admission and so you can eat onsite or in a venue close by).


From 10-1pm and 2-6pm in the main sessions there will be lectures, practical exercises, partner work and meditation/breath and somatic tools shared. You are encouraged to engage with as much of the material as possible but if at any point you want to take a break or step out from an exercise you are very welcome to.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds or transfers on tickets to these sessions. 

If you have listened to and enjoyed any of the 250+ episodes of my podcast or attended a previous workshop or retreat it would be great to see you in April where you'll have a chance to connect with a room full of people curious about growth and healing.


There will be a chance to ask questions, experience practical exercises and examples, take on new ideas and develop a practical and sustainable plan to support you in your next chapter.


Follow the links below to book in for a session or if you have any questions about the sessions please drop us an email at

Upcoming Sessions


Timing- 10am-6pm (Lunch 1-2pm)
Price- €125

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