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Thousands of thoughts run through our minds every day, amounting to an inner story or soundtrack that controls our lives. This internal voice can be critical, sabotaging our attempts to achieve the things we want.

By tuning into and becoming more aware of the stories we are telling ourselves we can free ourselves from the thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back.

Alongside concepts, ideas and new perspectives, the book contains an eight-week practical programme for mental and emotional fitness. Through journaling, meditation and self-enquiry we begin to train our thoughts and mind to support us in achieving our dreams, opening up to a fresh new outlook and appreciation for life as it is rather than life as we feel it should be.

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what's being said about fit mind

Fit Mind can help you rewrite your inner story and reclaim your power. Pat Divilly has created a transformative guide that can help anyone who is looking to make a serious change in their life. Mental/ emotional fitness are the next frontier; this is crucial work that can not only help the individual, but it can positively impact society as a whole. Pick up this book if you are ready for deep growth.

Yung Pueblo,

NYT Bestselling Author


Pat Divilly has the remarkable ability to shine a light on our inner most shadows, helping us to uncover all of who we are with playful curiosity and compassion. Fit Mind is a journey from the head to the heart. On this journey, Pat encourages all of us to learn to listen deeply, building trust and connection with ourselves. Through this engaging process we discover how inner strength is found in our vulnerabilities and shadows.

This book has helped me to return to what nourishes ‘my base’ and polish my lens with simple yet powerful practices that deepen attention and awareness in a distracted, noisy and burned-out world. This is a powerful invitation to come back to the heart.

Dr. Easkey Britton,

Surfer and Author of 'Saltwater in the Blood’


They say that you should never take travel advice from anyone that has never left home: Pat Divilly is a man I would take advice from 365 days of the year. He is erudite, vulnerably honest and empirically practical: this is a man who lives his philosophy, and that is a rare gem indeed. I believe that "Fit Mind" will change your life for the better, and if you are in a dark place it could save your life. Highly recommended.

Geoff Thompson,
BAFTA winning writer


Pat’s latest book ‘Fit Mind- 8 Weeks To Change Your Inner Soundtrack and Tune into your greatness’ is out now and available here.

If you have already picked up a copy- Thank you!


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