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Executive coaching, impactful keynote presentations, and virtual workshops tailored
for corporate leaders and organizations.



Workshops and Webinars

Functionality You Will Love

Virtual and in person workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.Here are some of Pat’s most popular sessions at present-

Courageous Communication

In this session, we'll delve into essential communication principles and Pat will guide you through practical exercises designed to foster courageous conversations, authentic sharing, and deeper connection among participants. Discover the keys to expressing yourself genuinely, empathetically, and constructively, ultimately enhancing understanding and
collaboration in your professional endeavours. Participants will learn and practice three fundamental skills for authentic and grounded


Emotional Mastery

This session is focused on deepening your understanding of emotions, their healthy expression, and the profound impact they have on your professional and personal life. Through guided activities, we'll empower you to recognize and articulate your emotions effectively while honing the skill of identifying and communicating your needs. The result? Enhanced authenticity, stronger connections, and unparalleled clarity in your interactions. Elevate your emotional intelligence and harness the power of your feelings to build a more fulfilling, harmonious work environment.


A Body-Based Approach To Mental Wellness

In this session, we'll explore the intricate relationship between your mind and body, diving into the fascinating world of the mind-body connection and polyvagal theory. Through practical breathwork and body-based exercises, you'll discover the keys to cultivating a sense of safety, calm, and grounding in your daily life. This workshop experience will allow you to unlock the potential of your body's wisdom and pave the way to greater mental well-being and resilience.


Exploring Men’s Wellness

In this engaging session, we empower men to thrive in mind, heart, and connection delving into three vital dimensions of wellness - mental, emotional, and relational. Mental Wellness- Challenge and conquer disempowering beliefs that hold you back. Explore strategies to strengthen your mental resilience and unlock your full potential. Emotional Wellness-

Gain insights into managing reactivity, enhancing emotional awareness, and mastering the art of self-care. Discover how to navigate your emotional landscape with grace and poise. Relational Wellness- Learn the art of communicating your feelings and needs from a place of strength and authenticity. Forge deeper connections with others while remaining grounded in your sense of self.

This workshop is your opportunity to embark on a journey towards personal
growth, inner balance, and harmonious relationships.

In-Person Workshops

All of the sessions outlined above can be delivered on-site or online. 


Pat can also tailor a specific session to meet the needs of your organisation.

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Executive Coaching For Leaders and Emerging Leaders

Executive coaching is available to support individuals, leaders and emerging leaders in their personal and professional journeys. Pat’s unique style of coaching blends body and mind-based practices to support improved confidence, clarity and connection whilst developing increased resilience and improved communication skills. If you or one of your team is looking for support please get in contact to discuss how Pat can support you.



  • MSc Exercise and Nutrition Science

  • Advanced Diploma in Jungian Psychology

  • Diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

  • Trauma Release Facilitator (TRE)

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

  • Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor

  • Breathwork Teacher (600+ Hours Training)

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher (200 Hours Training)

  • Imago Dialogue Clinical Training (Module 1)

  • Gottman Institute Couples Therapy Level 1

For a more comprehensive list of Pat’s qualifications and experience
please go here.


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