Pat's 'Well In The Workplace' business provides affordable online wellness solutions with online training courses in training, nutrition, mindfulness and productivity which are available to all members of staff 24/7. Please contact [email protected] to schedule a consultation call to see how we can help your company via our online wellness programs.

Pat is also available for onsite trainings, seminars, retreats and keynotes.

Keynote Presentation

Finding Flow in Work and Life.

Athlete's call it being 'in the zone'. Flow is where time disappears and we become immersed in what we are doing. It's where we are effortless and produce on a high level whilst enjoying levels of fulfillment and purpose. This talk looks at how we can reverse engineer and consciously manufacture this state for work and life.

Resilience- Bouncing back, leaning in and building true confidence.

How do we build confidence and learn from the challenges that are inevitable in life? How do we bounce back when times are hard. How do we lean into fears and learn to enjoy growth and challenge.

Energy Management- Learning from the worlds highest achievers.

People have become obsessed with time management, the idea that we can potentially squeeze more into our days despite already feeling busy and overstretched. Energy management looks at how we can focus our limited energy to the things that truly matter and how we revitalize our energy to continually produce on a high level without burn out.

Practical Mindfulness- Less stress, more energy and mindset mastery.

Mindfulness has become a buzz word but can often be mistaken as airy fairy or wishy washy! This session looks at how we can use meditation, mindfulness, breath and self awareness to get more done in less time. Includes practical exercises and guided 'breath work' for increased energy and decreased stress.

See Pat in Action!

Energy Management for

Momentum Closer from PatDivillyFitness on Vimeo.

Creating Space and Letting Go Of Expectations!

S.A.F.E from PatDivillyFitness on Vimeo.


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