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about pat

I have been involved in the wellness space for fifteen years now starting out in the fitness industry before moving into the areas of mental, emotional and relational wellness. 

I host a popular podcast, am the author of the #1 bestseller 'Fit Mind' and frequently deliver workshops, online programs and retreats designed to support emotional healing, connection and authentic living. 

In my time in the fitness industry, seeing the struggles some of my clients were experiencing outside of the gym setting and experiencing my own mental health challenges I began to take a wider perspective in the components of overall wellness, exploring areas such as meditation, breath work, cognitive behavioural therapy and neurolinguistic programming.


For the last seven years my focus has been on delivering workshops, retreats and programs to encourage ‘mental, emotional and relational wellness’, simple daily rituals and changes in perspective to promote an ongoing commitment to true self care.


I currently run a number of men’s groups, meditation groups and corporate programs as well as offering podcasts, breath work sessions and one to one coaching on a regular basis. 

I am very committed to learning and development and work with mentors on an ongoing basis. 


Some of my more recent trainings have included a year long professional training with addiction specialist Gabor Mate in a psychotherapeutic modality called Compassionate Inquiry.


I have also recently certified as a Trauma Release Facilitator, as well as Trauma Specialist training with the Arizona Trauma Institute and have also completed Module 1 of the Clinical Imago Dialogue Couple Therapy program.  

I engage in regular supervision and mentoring alongside studying a number of ongoing professional trainings and certifications. You will find further details of my certifications at the bottom of this page. 


Outside of my work I am passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, education and travel.


I’ve also been known to climb a few mountains and play the guitar to a very mediocre level!


My latest book Fit Mind- 8 Weeks To Change Your Inner Soundtrack and Tune Into Your Greatness which dives deep on the area of self talk and the stories we tell ourselves is out now.


If you’d like to get in touch you can email me on

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pat's mission

I create an authentic and connected world by allowing the space for myself and others to live with compassion, curiosity and playfulness.


Belief And Belonging. 
Mini Documentary by Darren Doyle

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