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Read on to find out more about my current online programs. Upon signing up you’ll gain immediate access and can work through the program in your own time and space.


If you have any further questions please drop us an email on

The Masculine Core- 6 Week Men’s Program

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The Masculine Core six week program is for men looking for a roadmap and support in improving physical, mental, emotional and relational health.


It is for those looking to create change in their lives, going beyond addictions and reactivity to find more purpose, fulfillment, connection and meaning. It is for men who are ready for change and willing to invest time, energy and effort to a new way of being.

What’s included in the program-

  • Weekly 60 Minute Training Videos exploring principles and practices of mature masculinity

  • Weekly Embodiment Practices to move from more information to true transformation

  • Weekly Journaling Prompts and Reflective Questions to dive deeper on your personal process

  • Weekly Integration Exercises to take immediate action in line with these new ways of being

  • Masculine Core Workbook to provide a 90 day personalized roadmap for after the program

  • Two Emotional Integration Breathwork Journeys to clear emotional blockages

  • Conscious Communication Workshop sharing principles to move from conflict to connection

Investment- €500

Discovery- 6 Week Journey

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The Discovery program is for anyone looking for a structured program to support mental and emotional well being. You will learn principles of body and mind health and be given a practical and accessible daily practice for increased clarity, connection and calm.

What’s included in the program-

  • 6x Weekly 60 Minute Training Videos to support you in gaining a better understanding of body, mind and emotional health, vision, boundaries, the shadow, inner child work and emotional integration.

  • 6x Weekly 60 Minute Emotional Integration Breathwork Journeys to provide space for expression of unexpressed emotion, bringing about increased levels of clarity and connection.

  • 6x Weekly Meditation Techniques to provide ‘training’ in grounding and self regulation.

  • 6x Weekly Worksheets with Journaling Prompts and Reflective Questions to dive deeper on the weekly topic and come to deeper levels of self understanding and self expression.

Investment- €500

Healing Your Inner Child Webinar Series Replays

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A three-week online guided journey of growth and healing to transform your relationship with your inner child.

What's included in the program:

  • Six months access to the replays of 3x 2 hour webinars.

  • Daily practices to come to better understand your inner child and inner parent.

  • Journaling and writing prompts to reconnect your inner child, teenager and adult so that they can work together and support one another going forward. 

  • A guided breathwork journey for emotional expression and integration. 

Investment- €180

shadow work Webinar Series)

healing your inner child webinar series. (1).png

A four-week online guided journey of growth and healing to uncover and re-integrate your disowned parts. 

What's included in the program:

  • Four 2 hour webinars replays. 

  • Daily practices to help 'make the unconscious conscious' and go beyond unhelpful patterns and habits. 

  • Journalling and writing prompts to better understand your patterns, your emotions and your beliefs. 

  • A guided breath work journey for emotional expression and integration.  

  • You will receive six months access to all of the materials. 

Investment- €200

taming the inner critic workshop

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A three hour workshop exploring the origins and purpose of the inner critic as well as strategies to support relating to our inner critic in a healthier way whilst developing our inner ally and the compassion, perspective and resilience that comes with it. 

What's included in the program:

  • Three hour workshop recording.  

  • conscious connected breathwork journey. 

  • digital workbook with prompts for before, during and after the workshop. 

  • bonus resources to support the integration of the materials.  

  • You will receive 6 months access to the workshop.

Investment- €100

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