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A 6 Week Journey Of Mature Masculinity To Connect with Your Purpose, Take Aligned Action and Become The Leader In Your Own Life.



From the time we are young we begin to take on messaging about what it means to be a man and what is required in order to be a man of value in the modern world. We learn that certain emotions and behaviours win us love, praise and approval whilst others emotions and behaviours result in ridicule, shaming and criticism.

In these early years we begin to filter and edit ourselves as we are conditioned to meet the standards of masculinity shown in the media and in the culture in which we were raised.

Thus half of who we are is hidden away in the shadow- ‘golden’ and ‘dark’ emotions like joy, playfulness, creativity, grief, anger, shame were perhaps unwelcome in childhood and so haven’t been seen since, though they operate unconsciously in the background and hold great power over us.

The Masculine Core program provides the framework to come to more intimately understand who you are as a man beyond the labels you have been given. You will explore the origins of your beliefs and patterns, and be given the tools to move from a conditioned life governed by fear to a creative life driven by choice. You will come to understand the value of the emotions you may have buried for years to decades, develop daily practices to connect to your true self and learn how to become a leader in your own life and the lives of those you love.


The Challenges We Face

  • Lack of clarity, purpose and vision for life.

  • Stuck overthinking and living in the head.

  • Disconnected from emotions and the body.

  • Drowning in busyness, distraction and noise whilst struggling to be present.

  • Stuck in unhealthy patterns for months, years maybe even decades.

  • Struggling to communicate emotions, desires and needs.

You Will

  • Deepen your understanding of your purpose and craft a mission/vision for your life.

  • Build consistency with behaviours and actions that support physical, mental, emotional and relational well being.

  • Develop emotional awareness and come to understand healthy ways of meeting and expressing your feelings and needs.

  • Gain an understanding of your shadow, bringing unconscious emotions, behaviours and beliefs out of the dark and into the light.

  • Work with the four archetypes of mature masculinity- King (being), Warrior (doing), Magician (thinking) and Lover (feeling).

  • Learn to bring presence and depth to your relationship with self and others.

How This Program Came About

I spent my twenties chasing goals, achievements and external validation with a constant belief that “I’ll be happy when” I hit the next milestone.


By twenty eight I had achieved everything on paper that I believed would make me feel successful, but felt awful. Despite owning the successful business I’d always wanted, having a great girlfriend, friends and family and having bought a house and car, I bounced between feeling overwhelmed and anxious and burnt out and flat.


I had to change the way I was living and began a pursuit of practices that would support my mental, emotional and relational wellness.

I went and spent a week in Poland practicing breath work and cold immersion with Wim Hof, I travelled to Thailand to do my yoga teacher training, and went back to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a sport I’d loved in my earlier years.


I visited therapists, mentors and elders, pursued qualifications in cognitive behavioural therapy, logo therapy, meditation, Jungian psychology and other modalities. I joined men’s groups and initiated through the ManKind Project and Illuman, worked with shamans and plant medicines and went .


The Masculine Core 6 week program is a roadmap for the male psyche and the practices that support it that I wish I had ten years ago.


How It Works

Each week there is a 60 minute training webinar exploring the mature masculine archetypes that relate to thinking, doing, feeling and being. These sessions explore the shadow (unconscious) expressions of masculinity as well as the mature expressions of masculinity.


Shadow expressions result in addiction, reactivity and repeating unhealthy patterns whilst mature expression allows us to move from a place of intention and integrity.


After watching the weekly training you will have worksheets with journalling prompts, exercises and reflective writing pieces to dive deeper in understanding your own patterns, behaviours, emotions and beliefs.


Embodiment practice each week will help make these concepts ‘real’ and allow you to move from taking on more information to creating actual transformation.


Each week will also include integration exercises which provide actionable steps you can take to practice these new ways of showing up in the world.

All content is available to consume through the membership site in your own time. Though this is a six week course you will maintain access to all of the material for six months.

If you have any questions or sticking points as you go through the program you can leave questions on the membership site where further support can be provided.

We’ll work with elements from

Jungian Psychology, Coaching, Meditation, Breathwork and Pranayama, Imago Dialogue and Compassionate Inquiry



week 1 - Building The Base

  • Initiation and choosing to change

  • Taking responsibility

  • Understanding and identifying core values

  • An introduction to the shadow and the archetypes

  • Developing a daily routine for energy and focus

Week 2 - Warrior Energy

  • Explore the emotion of anger

  • Creating boundaries and learning to say no

  • Moving from procrastination to action

  • Living in integrity


 WEEK 3 - Lover Energy

  • Explore the emotion of grief

  • Emotional literacy and awareness

  • Understanding and communicating needs

  • The mind body connection

  • Moving beyond addictions

WEEK 4 - Magician Energy

  • Explore the emotion of fear

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs

  • Solitude and reflection

  • Overthinking

  • The father and mother wounds


WEEK 5 - King Energy

  • Explore the emotion of joy

  • Embodied leadership

  • Connect with purpose and craft a mission for your life

  • The time management matrix

WEEK 6 - integration

  • Integrating the 4 archetypes in your daily life

  • Learn to prioritise daily and weekly actions that tie in with your mission

  • Building a men’s group

  • Resilience in an uncertain world



90 Day Masculine Core Workbook

The Masculine Core Workbook is a 90 day pdf planner that supports the integration of all of the concepts covered on the training.



Two Emotional Integration Breathwork Journeys

These breath work journeys help reduce stress and anxiety, clear emotional blockages and integrate old trauma.



Conscious Communication Workshop

Communication principles and practical exercises for deepening connection and resolving conflict.


Who Is Pat?

Pat got his start in the fitness industry in 2010 gaining an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science before running a successful physical gym and online fitness business.


In 2016 he moved into coaching individuals and corporate clients sharing tools from his training in Neuro-Linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, coaching and logo-therapy.


In more recent years Pat has certified in breath work, yoga, meditation and trauma release facilitation. He has also completed a year long professional training in Compassionate Inquiry under Dr. Gabor Mate, an advanced diploma in Jungian Psychology and a trauma specialist training with the Arizona trauma institute.


He has completed men’s initiations with Illuman and the Mankind Project as well as the primary integration training with the Mankind Project.

Pat is the author of #1 bestseller ‘Fit Mind’ and the host of the popular ‘Pat Divilly Podcast’.


What’s Included In The Program

  • Weekly 60 Minute Training Videos exploring principles and practices of mature masculinity

  • Weekly Embodiment Practices to move from more information to true transformation

  • Weekly Journaling Prompts and Reflective Questions to dive deeper on your personal process

  • Weekly Integration Exercises to take immediate action in line with these new ways of being

  • Masculine Core Workbook to provide a 90 day personalised roadmap for after the program

  • Two Emotional Integration Breathwork Journeys to clear emotional blockages

  • Conscious Communication Workshop sharing principles to move from conflict to connection


Is this course right for me?

When are the calls?

All content is pre-recorded and is available on demand at a time that suits you. Though the course is a 6 week training you will maintain access to the membership site and its materials for 6 months allowing you time to revisit the material or repeat the program.


How much time will I need for the program?

You will need 60 minutes each week to watch the training video, 30 minutes each to complete the worksheet with reflective questions and journalling prompts and 20-30 minutes daily for the integration and embodiment practices.


Additional learning resources and recommended readings are made available for those who have additional time to dedicate to the program though these readings/resources are not a requirement.

What is the refund policy?

With this being on demand online program no refunds are available.

Investment- €500

This is for men looking for a roadmap and support in improving physical, mental, emotional and relational health. It is for those looking to create change in their lives, going beyond addictions and reactivity to find more purpose, fulfilment, connection and meaning. It is for men who are ready for change and willing to invest time, energy and effort to a new way of being.

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