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An 8 week container for men committed to personal growth, emotional integration and deeper connection and purpose in life.


Next Cohort Begins May 9th 2022

"All of you is welcome here"

What to expect

  • A safe space to meet and befriend hidden parts of yourself (the shadow).

  • Practice in emotional awareness, self inquiry and authentic communication.

  • Access to a community of like minded men on a journey of exploration and healing.

  • Structured training modules and practices to embody new supportive behaviors.

  • Accountability and support in creating sustainable long term change.


The journey

The program includes 8 x 90 minute live group coaching calls which take place weekly via Zoom followed by an in person ‘graduation’ meet up in Galway at the end of the eight weeks.


Each weekly training introduces new concepts around mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and includes practices to be completed over the course of the following week. These practices include journaling exercises and meditation/breathwork exercises to support cultivating deeper presence, self awareness and self acceptance.


It is expected that any man taking part would attend live at least 6 of the 8 calls (program schedule at bottom of the page). This is a very practical program where full participation is required including 20-30 minutes daily for the practices, 2 hours per week for the live training and 45 minutes for an accountability pod check in.

Each man will be assigned a small group accountability pod and encouraged to have a shorter call with their pod each week alongside the main group coaching call. The accountability pod provides a chance to share insights and challenges emerging from the content of the program and to hold one another accountable for showing up consistently with the daily practices.

At the end of the eight weeks we will come together in Galway to meet up and celebrate the journey.




Over the eight weeks we’ll cover….

Week 1-
Building the base

Our first week focuses on building the foundations of our self care practices which allow us to control the controllables, our focus and our energy. We will explore simple practices for cultivating more calm, presence and focus and put in place weekly and daily structures for creating change.


Week 2-
Emotional literacy
and awareness

Week two we explore emotional awareness and literacy, recognising the importance of bringing awareness to our emotions and needs so that we can come from a responsive place and not a reactive place. Moving away from the idea of emotions being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we will tie our emotions to needs and see how they can bring us back to self care.

Week 3-
An introduction
to the shadow

Our third week we begin to shine light on the shadow, the parts of ourselves we look to hide, suppress or deny. By owning our dark and our light we come to new levels of self awareness and acceptance and come to life from a responsive place and not stuck in old patterns and conditioning.


Week 4- Communication and authentic relating

Week four will look at how we relate to and communicate with those we love. Principles of authentic and compassionate communication will be shared in supporting us to show up more with more integrity in our lives as we practice communicating honestly, openly and with clarity.

Week 5-
The warrior archetype and anger

In looking at the warrior archetype we will explore the emotion of anger and our relationship to our anger. Too little warrior energy leaves us feeling powerless and stuck. Too much warrior energy can result in us caught up in doing, unable to switch off and to connect to our own feelings and the feelings of others. Our healthy warrior is the part of us who fights for what is important to us, put’s boundaries in place to protect our ‘kingdom’ and takes conscious action in line with what we want in life.

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Week 6-
The lover archetype and grief

Our lover archetype relates to our aliveness, our connection and our sensitivity. This is the part of us who experiences joy, presence, playfulness, vibrancy and compassion. Too little lover energy often leads to us rejecting intimacy and aliveness leaving us with a sense of flatness. Too much lover energy will often show up as addictions, restless in looking to feel alive through any means possible. In exploring the lover archetype we look at the emotion of grief, recognising that which we’ve lost or where we have felt pain.

Week 7-
The magician archetype and fear

Our magician archetype is the part of us who holds and seeks wisdom and can find perspective in times of challenge or change. In exploring the magician archetype we will look at the emotion of fear and shine light on unconscious patterns and defense mechanisms we play out in efforts to keep ourselves safe. An awareness around our defense mechanisms allows us to recognise and go beyond old patterns which are keeping us stuck.


Week 8- 
The king archetype
and joy

Our king archetype is where our authentic power and sovereignty live. A rejection of our king's energy results in us giving our power away to others. Over identifying with this energy leads to us holding power over others. Healthy expression of our king energy allows us to embody warmth, compassion, joy and leadership. In our final week we explore how our king's energy relates to the warrior, lover and magician and how we can hold and embody a vision for our kingdom.

Before signing up, please note

Attendance is required for at least 6 of the live call’s which take place Sundays 7-9pm.


This is a very practical program and requires 90 minutes each week for the live call, 45 minutes each week for an accountability pod check in and 20-30 minutes daily for the accompanying practices.


If this is not possible for you at this time please consider coming back when you have the time and capacity to get the most out of it.

Program schedule

Call 1- 9th May

Call 2- 16th May

Call 3- 23rd May

Call 4- 30th May

Call 5- 6th June

Call 6- 14th June
(Please note this is Tuesday as opposed to Monday)

Call 7- 20th June

Call 8- 27th June

In Person Meet Up-  2nd July

Included in
the program

  • 8x2 Hour Group Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Breathwork Practices

  • Weekly Journaling Practices

  • Small Group Accountability Pod

  • In Person ‘Graduation’ Meetup


Cost- €350

Limited to 24 participants.

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Pat's Mission

I create an authentic and connected world by allowing the space for myself and others to live with compassion, curiosity and playfulness.

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