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The Pat Divilly Podcast

Every week Pat is joined by interesting and inspiring guests to chat adventure, mindset, health, wealth and success! Click here for the podcast's latest episodes!

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Pick Up The Latest Book 'Upgrade Your Life'

Pat's latest book 'Upgrade Your Life' is a practical guide to setting goals that bring you fulfilment and energy! Go here to buy the book or get the free accompanying video series!

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Watch The Documentary

In 2014 we brought the worlds biggest team of over 500 people to Tough Mudder Ireland and raised €165,000 in the process for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland! Watch the documentary here!

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Practical Workshops

Pat hosts practical workshops that deliver applicable and meaningful exercises covering all aspects of personal development. Ideal for tweaking individual performance and adaption, thus creating cohesion among larger teams.

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Corporate Wellness and Leadership

Pat understands the needs of larger and more complex corporate teams and has deep experience with a wide spectrum of utilities that require a tailored approach to optimise their performance strategies.  

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Corporate Leadership and Wellness

Please get in touch if you'd like Pat to work with your company or organisation in exploring the 4 key pillars of an upgraded life- health, self, relationships and career.

Partnership Brands

Working with a varied cross section of corporate brands and utilities has given Pat a wealth of experience and insight into the requirements of companies for helping to promote their product and to organise and perpetuate team growth


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