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And also on topics like resilience, mental fitness, energy management and more. You’ll connect with like minded men, pick up new strategies, tools, ideas and insights and will leave with a practical plan on how to ensure the changes you hope to make ‘stick’. 

I’ve attended countless seminars, retreats and courses over the last ten years and picked up an abundance of tools to support me in dealing with adversity and putting in place the consistent daily habits that bring about success, happiness, fulfilment and confidence in my life. 


I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learnt and put it together as an actionable plan for men in business and life.

Community. Accountability. Resilience.




Base Camp is for men committed to personal and professional growth. It is for those seeking high performance in all areas of life and for those wishing to be amongst other ambitious high performers.

Whether you are feeling your best and looking for 1% gains to peak performance, or struggling with a little overwhelm or lack of clarity, Base Camp will offer the space, environment, strategies and facilitation to give you your ‘next steps’.




What we’ll cover….

-How to question and challenge your limiting beliefs and stories

-Active recovery and meditation in the real world 

-Dealing with stress and overwhelm 

-Moving past feelings of being ‘stuck’ or lost

-Planning your week for maximum productivity

-Improving communication with yourself and others

-Becoming consistent with empowering habits 

-Dealing with self doubt and imposter syndrome





Time spent around new people, engaged in new conversation will open the possibility of perspective- new ways of seeing opportunities and obstacles. In a fast paced world we can become attached to our way of thinking. This day will allow you to change the way you look at things.


You’ll connect with a room full of men also on a path of personal and professional development. A supportive peer group is an essential part of any transformation and is often the missing link for us men. As we get older our social circles tend to narrow and we get caught in auto-pilot within our social circles. 



-A framework for replacing disempowering habits with new empowering and consistent actions. 

-Tools for overcoming limiting beliefs and negative self talk.

-Simple meditation strategies that you can use daily for productivity and stress management.

-A frame work for improving your communication with those closest to you. 

-A simple system for feeling more energised, in control and proactive. 

"The weekend in Knock gave me an opportunity to clear my head and reflect on the important things in my life that I needed to focus on. Having the opportunity to do this with a group of like minded open men in the retreat made it the best personal development event I have ever attended. Keep up the good work Pat"

Mark Corkery
Financial Planning Director

"I was put at ease instantly upon arrival by Pat and his team. The weekend flew by and we absorbed an incredible amount of information and tools to become better versions of ourselves. Pat has a natural ability to inspire and practices what he preaches. Focus and strength to deal with stress and pressure of everyday life have increased tremendously after the weekend in Knock and i would highly recommend it to anyone. best money spent on myself ever!"


Community. Accountability. Resilience.

"One of the best decisions ive made in adult life, a weekend with like minded people looking to spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally progress in life. I was nervous at the idea of the retreat however within hours meeting of everyone it was obvious I was going to learn a lot from the few days together. Cannot recommend an event like this highly enough. Extremely well run by Pat and his team packing in so much: personnel development workshops, yoga practice, meditation, exercise, sounds baths, journaling tips etc. Push aside any reservations you may have, this is something you wont regret doing. "

Sean Walsh

""I found the experience both inspiring and enlightening. The stories shared by the team really helped give perspective of myself as a young person on my own journey through life. The atmosphere of the event was created by all those involved and made it possible for some life changing self-discoveries.""

Dave Byrne

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the attendees that come to our courses haven’t ever been a personal development session before. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of it being your first event of this kind. Expect stories, lessons and ideas from Pat, conversations with other attendees and some written exercises to help you take as much from the coaching and training sessions as possible.

Over the course of the 4 weeks in addition to the ‘lectures’ and written exercises we’ll have some simple meditation and breath work practices for stress management suitable for all levels.

Basecamp is exclusively for men but please check out the main site at for details of our other programs which are open to everyone.


"What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others."



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