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A 6 Week Mental and Emotional Wellness Program For Increased Clarity, Confidence and Connection.


Imeachtaí Base Camp 1 Lá, Retreats 3 Lá agus Cláir Oiliúna Ar Líne 12 Seachtain d’Fhir

We develop our relationships with loved ones and deepen connection to them through spending time, bringing presence, compassion, safety, support and curiosity. The same is true of the relationship we have with ourselves, though in a busy world our relationship to ourselves can often become an afterthought.


Despite this the relationship we have with ourselves is and always will be the most important relationship we will ever have and will impact every other relationship we will ever have.


Getting my start in the fitness industry nearly fifteen years ago I was acutely aware that the small actions I was taking daily in relation to my physical wellness were impacting my physical health over time. It wasn’t until recent years that I truly understood that the same was true of the actions I was or wasn’t taking daily in relation to my mental and emotional wellness.

I found myself caught in cycles of reaching burn out, overwhelm or disconnection before having to slow down and take care of myself. I would get swept up in busyness, distraction and noise, find myself caught in unhealthy cycles and patterns and feeling like I was stuck on a treadmill.

After getting fed up of repeating this cycle, I began to become more pro-active with self care, implementing a mental and emotional training plan in the same way I had implemented a physical fitness plan for years.

With consistency over time I felt my resilience and ability to respond to life rather than react improve dramatically. I was able to go beyond destructive patterns, come to greater levels of self understanding and was able to move consciously in the direction of what I wanted in life.


Whilst stuck in busyness or stressed states, we find ourselves operating from a place of ‘survival’, repeating auto pilot behaviours and acting largely unconsciously repeating the same actions that yield the same results and cycles over time. Without taking space, slowing down developing practices for self understanding we can find ourselves caught in cycles for years or decades, frustrated with our ability to create the changes we want to make.

Efforts to create change in life are often approached from a ‘top down’ approach or trying to out think our challenges or problems. My experience has been that a ‘bottom up’ approach of working on creating calm and ease in the body is an essential part of allowing the mind to move out of survival states and find perspective and possibility.


The Discovery program blends both cognitive and body based approaches to support improved mental and emotional wellness. Through meditation, journalling, healing breath work journeys, self inquiry practices and educational webinars you will come to a much greater understanding of what has shaped you and what unconscious blueprints or scripts have been running your life up until this point.


Through a commitment to the program and the simple daily practices you will develop emotional resilience and come to greater levels of self awareness, self compassion and self expression, allowing you to get off the treadmill and consciously choose where you want to go next in life.


Imeachtaí Base Camp 1 Lá, Retreats 3 Lá agus Cláir Oiliúna Ar Líne 12 Seachtain d’Fhir

I got my start in the fitness industry back in 2009. After completing an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science I spent a number of years working with thousands of clients both online and in my physical gym in Galway, Ireland.


My curiosity around why some clients struggled to create lasting change whilst others thrived led me to want to understand more of what drives human behaviour. I dove deeper into the world of coaching and neuro-linguistic programming, travelled around the world for human behaviour seminars and did my own work on understanding my patterns.


Despite having achieved a lot of external ‘success’ by this point I was struggling with my own mental health and seeking out tools to help me find more ease, contentment and clarity.


I spent the next number of years seeking out countless modalities that promised to support improved mental and emotional health. I completed cognitive behavioural therapy, logo therapy and counselling diplomas. I qualified as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and breath work facilitator, and filled countless journals with my thoughts and challenges.


I applied all that I was learning, kept what worked well for me and became committed to making my mental and emotional wellness a priority and not an after thought.


‘Discovery’ is a program that captures a huge amount of what I have learnt over the last ten years and offers it in a simple and practical step by step plan to support those on their own journey of self understanding, self understanding and self expression.


My hope is that it takes away the guesswork, provides a solid understanding of the connections between body, mind and emotional wellness and offers simple tools to creating lasting change.

Imeachtaí Base Camp 1 Lá, Retreats 3 Lá agus Cláir Oiliúna Ar Líne 12 Seachtain d’Fhir

  • You experience consistent feelings of overwhelm, stress or anxiety.

  • You lack a vision for your life and clarity as to where you want to go next.

  • You experience challenges with prioritising, saying no and holding healthy boundaries.

  • You feel held back by shame and judgment around certain aspects of yourself or your past.

  • You have difficulty with being with or understanding certain emotions or ‘parts’ of yourself.

  • You feel stuck in destructive or unhealthy patterns and behaviours.

  • You are ready to go beyond unconscious conditioning and create the life you want.

  • You want to put in place simple daily practices for improved emotional and mental wellness.

  • You want to learn how to better understand and communicate your emotions and needs.

  • You want to embody and practice self love and compassion (and not just see them as buzz words or fluffy ideas).


Imeachtaí Base Camp 1 Lá, Retreats 3 Lá agus Cláir Oiliúna Ar Líne 12 Seachtain d’Fhir

We’ll work with elements from

Jungian Psychology, Coaching, Meditation, Breathwork and Pranayama, Imago Dialogue and Compassionate Inquiry

How It Works

Each week there is a 60 minute training webinar exploring elements of mental, emotional and spiritual health. These sessions explore soothing and self care, vision and values, healthy boundaries, the shadow, emotional awareness and the inner child.


After watching the weekly training you will be encouraged to complete the worksheets which include journaling prompts, exercises and reflective writing pieces to dive deeper in understanding your own patterns, behaviours, emotions and beliefs. These worksheets can be worked on throughout the week or in one sitting.


A weekly sixty minute breath work journey to accompany the training will allow you the space to express unexpressed emotions and tune into the wisdom of the body.


Each week will also include a daily meditation practice as a means of training the nervous system to find states of grounding and calm in times of uncertainty or dis-ease.


All content is available to consume through the membership site in your own time. Though this is a six week course you will maintain access to all of the material for six months.

If you have any questions or sticking points as you go through the program you can leave questions on the membership site where further support can be provided.




Week 1- Safety & Soothing

In times of stress and fear our bodies go into an activated state of fight or flight, or shut down and freeze. In these states we come from a place of survival and re-play old patterns and behaviours making any kind of healthy change impossible. In this module we will explore the mind body connection and practices methods of self soothing to create calm and come from a grounded and responsive place rather than an auto-pilot reactionary place.


Week 2- Vision & Values

Week two will explore our vision and values for life. You will gain a clearer understanding of what you want to create in the different areas of your life from your health, relationships and career. We will also explore the values that drive us in life alongside the origins of these values that point to why we do what we do and where our wants and desires for life originated.


Week 3- Building Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are about learning to say ‘no’ to the people and activities that do not support who we want to be. Week-three is about recognising where our boundaries lives in the different areas of life, where they are being overstepped (or where are boundaries are too rigid) and how we can get better prioritise and take actions that support our vision.

Week 4- An Introduction

To The Shadow

The shadow is comprised of all of all of the disowned parts of ourselves that we look to hide, repress or deny. At certain points in our lives we learnt that some emotions were unwelcome and made us unlovable and so these emotions were pushed into ‘the shadow’. These emotions do not disappear however and hold great power when left unacknowledged. We will explore some of your shadow material and welcome it back in a loving and healthy way.


Week 5- Emotional

Literacy & Awareness

Week-five will explore emotional awareness and coming to better understand what our bodies are trying to tell us. Whilst much emphasis is placed on ‘cognition’ and figuring things out in the head, learning to listen to the body and bring a sense of curiosity to our emotions allows us to reach greater levels of self acceptance and self understanding. This week is about moving from seeing difficult emotions as in the way to instead pointing us back to ourselves.

Week 6- The Inner Child

Many of our unconscious patterns and behaviours are driven by the neglected inner child, a part of ourselves that holds our woundings from childhood and impacts how we see our current world. Parenting our inner child is about noticing our reactions and emotional triggers coming from younger parts of ourselves and supporting that part of ourselves allowing us to heal and to grow.

Imeachtaí Base Camp 1 Lá, Retreats 3 Lá agus Cláir Oiliúna Ar Líne 12 Seachtain d’Fhir

Pat got his start in the fitness industry in 2010 gaining an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science before running a successful physical gym and online fitness business.


In 2016 he moved into coaching individuals and corporate clients sharing tools from his training in Neuro-Linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, coaching and logo-therapy.


In more recent years Pat has certified in breath work, yoga, meditation and trauma release facilitation. He has also completed a year long professional training in Compassionate Inquiry under Dr. Gabor Mate, an advanced diploma in Jungian Psychology and a trauma specialist training with the Arizona trauma institute.


Pat is the author of #1 bestseller ‘Fit Mind’ and the host of the popular ‘Pat Divilly Podcast’.

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What’s Included In The Program

  • 6x Weekly 60 Minute Training Videos to support you in gaining a better understanding of body, mind and emotional health, vision, boundaries, the shadow, inner child work and emotional integration.

  • 6x Weekly 60 Minute Emotional Integration Breathwork Journeys to provide space for expression of unexpressed emotion, bringing about increased levels of clarity and connection.

  • 6x Weekly Meditation Techniques to provide ‘training’ in grounding and self regulation.

  • 6x Weekly Worksheets with Journaling Prompts and Reflective Questions to dive deeper on the weekly topic and come to deeper levels of self understanding and self expression.


Is this course right for me?

This is for anyone looking for a structured program to support mental and emotional well being. You will learn principles of body and mind health and be given a practical and accessible daily practice for increased clarity, connection and calm.

Is this course suitable for everyone?

There are a number of contraindications for the breath work journeys and so if the following conditions are true for you at this time this breath work is not recommended. You can however still complete the program minus the breathwork. 



  • Heart conditions and arrhythmia

  • Epilepsy

  • Bi-polar, schizophrenia or other psychotic episodes

  • High or low blood pressure

  • Unstable pregnancy

  • Pre existing lung conditions

When are the calls?

All content is pre-recorded and is available on demand at a time that suits you. Though the course is a 6 week training you will maintain access to the membership site and its materials for 6 months allowing you time to revisit the material or repeat the program.

How much time will I need for the program?

You will need 60 minutes each week to watch the training video and twenty minutes daily to complete the meditation and journalling prompts. In addition you will need 60 minutes each week for the emotional integration breath work journey.

What is the refund policy?

With this being on demand online program no refunds are available.

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