Dublin 15th September SOLD OUT AS OF 8/9/18

Please note this workshop is now sold out. 



September 15th 2018 I am back in Dublin with my one day workshop 'The Upgrade Academy'.

The Gibson Hotel
9am Registration
10-4pm Event

Take a full day to focus on the most important person in the world, YOU!


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Confidence isn't something we 'have', it's something we create. We'll look at practical ways of building strategic confidence daily with simple tools and exercises. 

Energy Management

People talk about time management all the time, but where we direct our limited energy is really what effects the results that we see in life. We'll explore the simple changes you can make to create more of what you want. 


Clarity is like a super power! When you know where you're going in life, everything becomes so much easier. We'll put in place targets for each area of life. 

Will I see you in Dublin September 15th?

In just a few weeks time I'll be presenting my last 1 day workshop of 2018 'The Upgrade Academy' in Dublin at the Gibson hotel and I'd love to see you there. Finish 2018 out strong moving in the direction of meaningful goals and targets for you.

This workshop centers around 3 key themes.

From 10am-4pm we'll take a day to really step back and look at life!

Where are you now, where would you like to go and how do you bridge that gap?

Over the course of the day I'll help you-

-Find more clarity in terms of where you are in life, what's working, what's not and where you'd ultimately like to go when you remove the expectations you feel others have on you to 'be' a certain way.

-Find more confidence. When it comes to achieving out goals confidence is like fuel for the journey. We'll look at where confidence comes from and how you can strategically cultivate it on a daily basis to support your health, work and relationship goals.

-Manage your energy. We'll look at the thoughts, beliefs, stories, people or actions who may be currently draining your energy and put in place strategies to ensure your energy is being used to support your big goals, ambitions and dreams.

If you are feeling a little stuck, unsure or in a rut, or you'd just like to take a day to self reflect and plan for the future you'll love the Upgrade Academy.

There are 30 tickets left with 50 already gone. If you'd like to join 80 other like minded people for a great day this September you can pick up one of the remaining tickets at the following link for €100.

Price includes lunch, a workbook, a copy of my most recent book 'Upgrade Your Life' and the full day workshop!


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