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For just €7 you can gain 7 days access to the Mastery Program and experience group coaching, peer accountability and powerful ideas and exercises to help you 'upgrade' all areas of life...

With the countless talks, seminars, workshops and events I've been doing over the last number of years I've got daily requests for 1-2-1 coaching or small group coaching programs and support for people looking to really make changes in life on an ongoing basis and have people to support them on their journey. 

I'm very limited with time in the number of clients I can take on in a 1-2-1 setting or small group setting and so I've made the decision to put together this Mastery group, a place where at a very affordable investment you can gain access to the support, resources, tools, ideas and information you need to make some big changes in life. 

There's going to be ALOT of information, ideas and tools to support you as you go through this program, but I don't want you to get overwhelmed. Instead, I want you to just focus on small daily wins and taking a little time each week to go through the content of the program before actually implementing the ideas into your life.

True change in life comes when we go from consuming information, to practicing implementation and then experiencing transformation

There are two parts to the Mastery Group-

-The Membership site where all of the content each posted each month. 
-The Community which you'll find over on Facebook (You'll receive an invite to the Facebook group at the end of your 7 day trial assuming you decide to continue on the program). 

The membership site will be home to the monthly masterclasses, books, meditations and group calls, whilst the community over on Facebook will be your place to communicate with myself and other Mastery group members going through the program. 

There will be 4 investments required as a member of the group-
The cost is extremely low for the program but please don't take the information and ideas on this course for granted. They can and will change your life if you commit to implementation and application on a consistent basis.  

Sometimes we spend money on something and await results, forgetting that the second level of investment is actually investing time in the program and making it a priority. To get the most from the Mastery program I'd be recommending you take a minimum of 1-2 hours weekly to go through the course materials. 

As well as asking for your time, I'm going to ask for your focus. It's not enough to just sit with the work and passively watch the materials on the Mastery program. You've got to be willing to invest your focus and remove distractions in order to do the work.

The forth and final level of investment is faith. As your coach my hope is to show you your blind spots, to introduce you to new ideas and to encourage you take on new ideas, beliefs, actions and exercises that can help you bring about new results. This will require some faith in taking on new actions and perspectives!
If you're willing to invest these 4 key factors into this program I guarantee you will get at least a 10X return on your monthly investment. 

Here are the proposed topics for the first 12 months. I'm seeing this like a personal development/mastery university where you can really fast track your learning curve by learning from my fifteen years of experience studying in this field. 

Proposed Syllabus Of Masterclasses- 
Month 1- Goal Setting and Clarity (Book- Strangest Secret)
Month 2- Time and Energy Management (Book- Deep Work)
Month 3- 
Confidence and Fear (Book- Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway)
Month 4- 
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (Book- Loving What Is)
Month 5- 
Making and Breaking Habits (Book- Atomic Habits)
Month 6- 
Relationships and Communication (Book- The 5 Love Languages)
Month 7-
 Focus and Procrastination (Book- The One Thing)
Month 8-
 Sleep, Stress and The Power Of Breath (Book- The Oxygen Advantage)
Month 9- 
Financial Freedom (Book- I Will Teach You To Be Rich)
Month 10- 
Self Image and Self Esteem (Book- Six Pillars of Self Esteem)
Month 11- 
Public Speaking and Sharing Your Message (Book- Talk Like TED)
Month 12- 
The Upper Limit Problem (Book- The Bip Leap)

Strap in for an incredible journey! 

As a member of the group you'll be getting a lot of content on the membership site and support in our Facebook community. Here is what to expect and how to get the most from the program. 

1. Monthly Masterclass. 
Each month there will be comprehensive masterclass sharing new perspectives, ideas and tools to support you with your journey. After going through the video content it's strongly encouraged that you block off 1-2 hours to implement whats talked about in the masterclass. For example the first masterclass is on goal setting and we're encouraging you to take 2 hours to go through the system and set your own 90 days goals before consuming any further content. Feel free to share your insights, breakthroughs, ideas or questions over on the Facebook community. I will be dipping in and out of the group frequently to answer your questions and check in with you guys and there will also be live calls in the group once a month to go through the months theme and masterclass. 

2. Book of the Month. 
Each month I'll be taking you through one of my favourite books, sharing the key learnings and insights. The book will be related to the masterclass theme for the month. On top of watching my summary I'd highly recommended you pick up the book or audio book yourself and go through it at your own pace. Most books are in or around 200-300 pages and so if you'll willing to read 7-10 pages a day you'll be amazed at how many books you start finishing! 

3. Meditation of the month. 
Meditation is such an important practice. I'll be sharing different styles and if you don't currently have you own practice I'm recommending you take 10 minutes daily to complete the meditation of the month. 

4. Group Coaching Call. 
Each month there will be a group coaching call. You'll receive an e-mail with information on how to register for the call and can log on and ask questions live. If you can't make the live call don't worry, there will be a recording posted here on the membership area after! This group coaching call will take place over on the Facebook group around the 1st of each month. 

5. Bonus Act and Attract Program. 
As a bonus I'm including my Act and Attract system when you sign up to the program. This was previously sold for €97 and includes a powerful 5 part video series and 20 minute meditation combine the laws of attraction and action!

6. Bonus Discovery Journalling Program. 
I'm also throwing in access to my 30 day journalling and meditation course 'Discovery', which usually sells for €120. The course includes 20 journalling videos, weekly meditations and 4 personal development assignments!
Recommended minimum time suggestions- 
-Monthly masterclass 4-5 hours  per month going through the content/exercises. 
-Monthly group coaching call. 1 hour to watch the live call or replay. 
-Monthly meditation 10 minutes daily. 
-Book of the month 15 minutes daily. 
-Mastery Tracker. 5-10 minutes daily. 

Of course there is no set requirements and you can utilise the group and content as much or as little as you like but the above would be ideal! 

If you have any questions prior to signing up to the program please send an e-mail to [email protected] 



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