The Possibility Project- A 12 Week Transformative Journey


Are you ready to make your impossible, possible and to play at a higher level in the key areas of life?

Working with aligned focus over the next 90 days, I'll help you achieve huge results with your health, happiness, relationships, career, confidence and energy (without any feelings of overwhelm)

If you are willing to 'do the work' and implement the rituals and habits I share over the 90 days you'll be amazed at the transformation you experience- and I'll be with you every step of the way to support you on your journey. 

There are no 'secrets' to success and so that's not something I'll ever promise you. But what I can promise you is I'll help you move from information to integration, in other words from knowing to doing, from understanding an idea, to living that idea....

Think of the impact more application could have on your life. Most of us already know what we could do to improve our health, our relationships and our career. If we don't know something ,Google usually has the answer just a few clicks away.....

And so the gap for most is in the consistency of habits that move us from information to integration to transformation. 

The Possibility Project is about exploring what might be possible if we were to live in the stretch zone for 90 days and put in place simple daily rituals that have a compound effect over time. 

As part of the group you'll open yourself up to-
-Accountability, Support and Coaching
-Weekly Modules, Structure and Assignments to Upgrade all areas
-A peer group of other like minded go-getters
-A proven system to take you from goal setting to goal getting

What to expect.....
-I'll help you get crystal clear on where you are and where you're looking to go. 
-We'll put in place habits designed to help you find consistent growth.
-You'll learn time and energy management strategies to help you get more done.
-You'll join a tribe of like minded go-getters sharing the journey. 
-We'll deep dive into protocols for sleep, training, recovery and nutrition. 
-You'll experience simple protocols for productivity and focus. 
-I'll share journalling, meditation and personal development practices for confidence, clarity and happiness. 
-I'll answer your questions on our Live Group Coaching Calls each week. 
-You'll experience daily accountability on our private Instagram page. 
-You'll produce more results in 12 weeks than you have in the last 12 months!
-You'll integrate personal development and stress management techniques that you'll have for life!

Without doubt, this is my most comprehensive program yet!

Here's a break down of what will be covered over the 12 weeks....

Month 1- The Discovery Program.
Outcomes- Clarity, Stress Management and Personal Growth.
Month 1, we jump straight in with the practices of journalling, meditation and personal development. I'll ask you to commit 20 minutes a day to yourself to find more confidence, clarity, energy and stress management.

Monday-Friday you'll receive a daily video with a journalling prompt to help you 'meet a new part of yourself daily'. Each week you'll also have a simple personal development exercise and a simple guided meditation. Finally there will be a weekly live group coaching Zoom call where you can jump on and ask any questions about the program or your journey. 

By the end of month 1 you'll have a much clearer vision of where you are looking to go in life and on whats stopped you up to this point. Though the group will be going through the same content for month 1 the nature of the content and delivery ensures you will pull out exactly what you need from the questions and will leave month 1 feeling much great confidence, clarity and potential. 

Month 2- Physical and Mental Fitness.
Outcomes- Improved Sleep, Nutritional Habits, Energy, Focus and Productivity.  

Month 2 is a deep dive into your physical and mental fitness. You can't pour from an empty cup and so your physical health and energy must be increased in order to move confidently in the direction of your goals. We live in a fast paced world where there's much focus put into being 'on' all the time. This month is as much about active recovery as it is about work. We'll put in place sleep, training and nutrition protocols to help you improve your fitness, energy and recovery. 

We'll also focus on mental fitness with simple tools and strategies to increase focus and productivity. Clarity and focus have become super powers in the modern day face paced world. You'll learn and practice simple tools for 'keeping the most important things, the most important things' and finding your focus. 

On top of your weekly modules you'll have a weekly assignment and a weekly group coaching call to go through the content of program. 

By the end of month 2 you'll be sleeping, moving and feeling better and will be focusing on the daily actions and habits that actually move you forward in the key areas of life. 

Month 3- Emotional and Spiritual.
Outcomes- Increased Purpose and Meaning. Improved Communication and Relationships. 
After 2 months of working on ourselves with our journalling, meditation and journalling practices as well as our work on improving mental and physical fitness, now we'll look beyond ourselves.

Month 3 is all about relationships, emotions, spirituality and purpose. 

We'll look at stress, expectations and communication in relationships, friendships and partnerships outside of ourselves, exploring how we can improve our presence with the most important people in our lives. 

We'll also look into the impact we want to have beyond ourselves and bring about more purpose and meaning in our work and lives. 

Again month 3 will include a weekly module, live coaching call and assignment for the week. 

This 12 week program is all about moving from information to integration for true transformation. It is about finding consistency and moving from knowing to doing. 


You’ll receive-
-90 Day PDF Workbook
-Daily Accountability and Private Instagram Page
-6 Group Zoom Coaching Calls
-4 Guided Meditations for Active Recovery
-30 Day Journalling Program
-8 High Performance Modules
-12 Weekly Personal Development Assignments 


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