Dublin 15th September

September 15th 2018 I am back in Dublin with my one day workshop 'The Upgrade Academy'.

The Gibson Hotel
9am Registration
10-4pm Event

Take a full day to focus on the most important person in the world, YOU!

In the jam packed day we'll cover-


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Confidence And Fear

How we can build true confidence and lean into the fears that keep us 'stuck'.

Limiting Stories and Beliefs

How we can identify and re-frame stories, beliefs or assumptions we have about ourselves and the world that keep us stuck.

Habitual Change

The 'secrets' to implementing and staying consistent with new empowering habits and how to replace the habits that no longer serve you.

Perspective and The Emotional Roller coaster
How to better manage your feelings and learn from every experience.

Physical mental and emotional. How to manage your energy and improve the way you look, feel, move and think. We'll look at breath work, nutrition, sleep and movement.

Self-awareness and the path to increased confidence. With so much focus on the relationships in our lives it's essential we take time to cultivate a great relationship with ourselves by getting to know ourselves deeper, taking time for ourselves and disconnecting from technology and distraction to re-connect with our truth. We'll delve deeper into how to challenge the stories, beliefs and thought patterns that may be keeping you stuck.

Improved communication and managing expectations in relationships- we'll look at how to improve your connection and commitment to the closest people in your life.

Exploring how to find more passion, profits, purpose and fulfillment from your work. We'll look at powerful productivity and time management strategies to help you skyrocket your production.

This isn't a 'motivational seminar' designed to get you hyped for a few hours.

This isn't a quick fix solution or magic pill for success.

And this isn't 'life coaching'.

This is a day of new insights, perspectives, strategies and tools to increase energy, confidence, clarity and productivity. You'll be in a room full of like-minded people and will leave with a clear step by step game plan that shows you-

-An honest account of where you are right now
-A crystal clear vision of where you want to go
-A step by step foolproof game plan to bridging the gap

When was the last time you took a focused day with a community of like-minded go-getters and sought clarity on exactly what's working/not working in your life right now and where you want to go?

Or sought out new ways of seeking clarity, building confidence, overcoming self-doubt and taking consistent action.?

'The Upgrade Academy' can drastically change the trajectory of your life if you show up with an open mind, get fully involved and manage expectations!

Limited to 100 tickets per venue! Please shoot us an e-mail to [email protected] with any questions

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