Come Join Me In The West Of Ireland This July For My 3 Day 'Thrive' Retreat

(Exact location TBC)


Re-Connect, Re-Align and Recalibrate Over 3 Full Days With A Small Group Of Fifteen


Yoga, meditation, movement and a 3 day weekend to re-connect with your body in nature. 


Time and space allowing you to find clarity and move into more alignment with you work, relationships and life. 


We'll explore strategies in overcoming fear, building confidence and setting authentic goals alongside surprise activities to challenge and inspire. 

The Thrive Retreat

Three days of transformation for the mind, body and soul!

Dates- July 20/21/22nd

Location- Co. Galway

I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming Thrive retreat happening this July. Over 3 days I'll be bringing together fifteen people to go through a transformative and immersive experience for mind body and soul.

The Thrive Retreat is a the culmination of the work I've done over the last ten years in the areas of personal development, 'mindset' and fitness. 

Whether you have clear intentions coming into the retreat as to what you are looking to work on, or you are just looking for some space and guidance in your next big moves in life you'll leave the retreat with increased clarity, confidence and purpose. 

In a small group setting we'll look at some key questions...

My best mentors have never given me the answers, they've presented me with the right questions and then challenged me to be honest with myself in my answers. 

We live in a busy world, where often we can be on the hamster wheel, not having the time or space to look at whats working or whats not. 

At the Thrive Retreat you'll have that space and time away re-connecting with yourself and nature. Journalling and classroom settings will open up new perspectives for your work, relationships with self and others and your direction in life. 

We'll have yoga, movement, breath work and meditation to allow you to re-connect with your body. 

Surprise activities will push your comfort zone and challenge your mind!

Group dinners and activities will allow you connect with and share alongside people on similar paths. 

We've factored in some down time and optional sessions to give you that processing time that we often miss out in the hectic modern world.

Sample Timetable-

10am Group Arrival and Meet
12am Classroom Session
2pm Hike in Nature
3.30pm Group Lunch 
5pm Classroom Session
6.30pm Surprise Activity 
8pm Group Dinner and Down Time

8am Yoga, Meditation and Breath work
10am Group Breakfast
12am Classroom Session
2pm Surprise Activity 
3.30pm Group Lunch 
5pm Classroom Session
6.30pm Surprise Activity 
8pm Group Dinner and Down Time

8am Yoga, Meditation and Breath work
10am Group Breakfast
12am Classroom Session
2pm Surprise Activity 
3.30pm Group Lunch 
5pm 'Graduation' Session

The retreat begins Friday 21st at 10am and runs until Sunday evening at 6pm. 

Between those times everything is taken care of you-

food, accommodation and activities, you've just got to show up fully for yourself and the group!



Cost for the 3 days including shared accommodation, 3 meals daily, supplies and activities is €1000 which can be paid in full or in 2-3 instalments. 

Also included in the price is 30 days of pre-training and 30 days of post event training, both delivered online. These are delivered to allow you to come into the retreat already thinking differently and leave the retreat with accountability to the plans and actions you commit to over the weekend. 

Again, you may be coming in with ideas of your next moves in life or you may just be feeling like you want to shake things up, step outside of your comfort zone and find more confidence, clarity and connection....

Regardless of your reasons for coming you'll leave with what you need (which is often very different to what you thought you were coming for!)

To sign up for the 60 days of online training and 3 day retreat including accommodation, activities and meals follow the link below!

I hope to see you in July!

Keep Moving Forward

PS. Any questions about Thrive just shoot me an e-mail on [email protected] and if you'd like to hop on a quick call to see if it's the right fit for you I'm more than happy to do that!

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