How often do you get the chance to press pause in life, to
look from the outside in and observe where you’ve come from, where you are and where
you’d like to go?

We can often fall into auto-pilot, just looking to get through the week, looking after and
supporting those around us but not taking the time for ourselves to decide where we are
looking to go.

This is your chance to create your future and not let it happen by accident.
Time goes by quick and if we don’t design a plan for our own life, we ultimately become a part
of someone else's plan.

These three days will help you identify limiting beliefs, gain clarity as
to what you truly want and why, and re-discover your inner voice, your true confidence and
your best self. You’ll be supported every step of the way by your new tribe and turn the page
to begin your new chapter.


What qualities define the character audience for the Base Camp retreat?

This event is focussed on women who are:

Seeking Daily Purpose

Ready to Change Old Habits

Open To Doing The Work

Eager to create space and take time for themselves to check back in and deepen the connection with themselves and others. 



What events are going to take place on the weekend itself?

Self Defence Classes

Breath work


Personal development

Speaker presentations

Focus group work



NOV 8/9/10th


A unique retreat centre in Knock, Co. Mayo

All meals and snacks included.

Comfortable surroundings. 

Starting 2pm Friday and finishing 5pm Sunday.

All Inclusive Cost







How we look, feel and move comes down to the quantity of energy we have. This is dictated by our lifestyle choices, our sleep, our nutrition and the way we ‘work out’ and ‘work in. Over the three days we’ll have morning workouts, self defence classes, an outdoor hike and morning movement sessions designed to increase energy and confidence while experiencing enjoyable and varied ways to train the body. Irrespective of your current fitness levels you’ll be challenged but ready to complete the sessions and live in your stretch zone, a little bit beyond your current comfort zone.





Our focus in life dictates our feelings and can often go to the negative or to what's not working. We have in the region of 60,000 thoughts a day, often disempowering thoughts dictated by a negative bias. A key component of change in life comes down to changing our internal dialogue from that of a critic to a supporter. At the retreat we’ll look at journalling, meditation as well as personal development sessions to identify and challenge limiting beliefs and thoughts whilst planning for future goals that excite and inspire you. You’ll leave the retreat knowing where you want and need to place your focus in order to move confidently in the direction of your goals.





Through personal development and inner work we get the chance to gain clarity as to where we are looking to go in life. This allows us to bring focus to our days and meaning to our lives but doesn’t take away the inevitable roadblocks we are sure to face. As we push for bigger goals in any area we can be guaranteed we’ll face new challenges and struggles that can either leave us stepping back into comfort or leaning forward into growth. Over the weekend we’ll look at tools and strategies for managing stress, increasing resilience and dealing with adversity. Breath work and different forms of meditation will be introduced as tools for coming back to the present moment and staying the course even in challenging times.  






As we go through life looking out for the people around us and keeping up with the Jone’s it can be common to lose touch with who we are and why we do the things that we do. Our identity can become lost in always giving to others but not receiving and prioritising our own hopes, dreams and ambitions. We’ll be diving deep into the areas of purpose and meaning in  work and life. Asking the questions who am I, what sets my soul on fire and what excites and inspires me in life? We’ll be looking at taking lessons from the past as we move to the next chapter of life exploring new possibilities and opportunities.


-You’ll get to press pause and look at where you’ve come from, where you are and where you’re looking to go.

-You’ll deepen your connection with yourself, your work and the most important people in your life.

-Quieten your noisy mind and check back in with your inner voice.

-You’ll experience support, coaching and challenge from myself and your new tribe



-Group meals with a supportive group of like minded people.

-You’ll experience workouts designed to push your comfort zone.

-You’ll try self defence and martial arts classes.

-You’ll learn meditation and breathwork techniques for dealing with stress and overwhelm

-You’ll learn how to set meaningful targets and goals that are authentic to you.

-You’ll learn how to take back time and take control of your schedule and priorities.



We are going to be nestled right in the middle of Knock Village, close to local amenities if required but isolated enough to keep us focussed on the retreat itself. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The retreats runs from 2pm on Friday the 8th of November to 5pm on Sunday the 10th. 

All physical activities are designed in a way to cater for but challenge all levels of fitness. No session will be about competing with anyone else in the group, but instead recognising your own strengths and weaknesses. By bringing awareness to your current fitness levels you'll be able to choose areas to work on going forward. 

(There won't be any experience required for the self defense sessions either and sessions will cater for all levels.)

No experience at this type of retreat is needed. All we ask is that you come in open and willing to do the work. 

You will be encouraged, challenged, supported and coached by Pat and other members of the group, all with the intention of helping you see your blind spots and move toward aligned and authentic goals and intentions. 

We would ask that you bring sports gear and comfortable clothing for the weekend. A full packing list will be provided upon sign up. 

All meals and snacks are provided onsite at the retreat venue. Upon sign up you will be asked to provide any specific dietary requirements, but of course you are free to bring any food of your own as there is a canteen area you can utilize to prepare basic snacks(sandwiches, cereals, salads, shakes etc)

Absolutely. This question can work both ways in that, perhaps you will feel better bringing someone along, maybe you'll feel more confident with the exercises and other activities if you had a familiar face to partner up with. However, we want people to also make new friends and become invested in the process of change and networking in new ways. In any case, this is entirely up to you. 

In short, no.

The nature of looking into a course like this suggests you're already looking to improve upon the circumstances of your life as you currently see it. The three day event, alongside the four weeks of pre-event training provided will ensure you are shining light on the areas that are significant and meaningful to you. 


This event has been specifically designed to cater to women who are eager to press pause, to create space and take a look at their life from the outside in. 

It's for those that want to explore their past, their present and their future, to integrate new beliefs and rituals and to create new results in all areas of life. 

You'll leave the retreat with a new supportive tribe of like minded women, with new experiences and memories, with a clear game plan for your future and a tool box for dealing with stress, overwhelm and adversity. 



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