I've put together the 3 day retreat that I wish I'd had access to in recent years. Over the course of this three day weekend you'll connect with a tribe of like minded men and be coached, supported, challenged and inspired to bring about more confidence and clarity in your life. 
We'll delve into the physical, mental and emotional limits you have taken on and look to push through, finding new parts of yourself through challenge, space and connection. You'll leave the weekend with a renewed sense of passion, purpose and energy, and with a clear 90 day plan to bring forward into your day to day life.


What qualities define the character audience for the Base Camp retreat?

This event is focussed on men who are:

Seeking Daily Purpose

Ready to Change Old Habits

Open To Doing The Work

See's Value In Both Physical And Mental Development



What events are going to take place on the weekend itself?

BJJ and MMA introduction

Breath work


Personal development

Speaker presentations

Focus group work





A unique retreat centre in Knock, Co. Mayo

All meals and snacks included.

Comfortable surroundings. 

Starting 2pm Friday and finding 5pm Sunday.

All Inclusive Cost







Breathing and thinking, two activities we will carry out every second of every day from our birth until our death, yet many of us never take the time to consider the impact of either. By following guided meditative processes and unique breathing techniques we can shift our entire mental state in a matter of minutes, with often times dramatic results. It doesn't require you to sit under a tree crosslegged and profound, it simply requires that you follow the steps provided, be non-judgemental of yourself and take a step back and see how it may benefit you in times of high stress, anxiety and the plethora of emotions we deal with every single day. 





A couple of years ago when I was frustrated with traditional gym work and had been disengaged with physical activity for several months, I decided to go back to what lit me up as a teenager. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will engage your entire body, fulfilling all the physical activity you need on a day to day basis. And equally as important, it will engage your brain, as you learn about the nuances of the sport, the techniques, the competition and the journey it delivers to anyone willing to lose and learn. Partner that with MMA pad work and you have a brand new use for every limb you were born with. This is an absolutely no experience necessary introduction to both, all you need is an open mind, we'll show you the rest. 






The core of these sessions will always be in the area of personal development. Without embracing this key feature of any self authoring program you will never fully reap the benefits of the other modules and lessons. We'll explore topics like confidence, fear, belief systems and communication with self and others.  We'll also outline a specific game plan of goals and intentions for you to work toward in the months following the retreat.







Because perspective is such a powerful tool when trying to establish our future trajectory we will have guest speakers come in and present on a number of topics, using their experience and proven methods to help you on your journey. 






Utilising the collective experience and perspective of other attendees we will have break away focus groups, dedicated to narrowing in on the areas of most importance to your own growth. This may vary considerably from person to person, but problems distributed in this way can often return with brand new never before considered solutions.






This is an area I am extremely passionate about. Wim Hof breathing is traditionally partnered with immersion in ice water. By shocking our entire body with something as simple as a temperature change we can tap into new parts of physiology, mend physical ailments and engage our brain in a way we may not have experienced before. This could be your new daily ritual if you embrace the challenge as the precursor to the benefits.






The early mornings in our life can often be filled with low energy auto-pilot activities. By encouraging our central nervous system to get to work earlier in the day, we can change our entire mental and physical physiology before our co-workers have even got out of bed. Being an early bird is the hallmark of many unique leaders in this world,  you’re up next.






As this event is taking place in one of the most beautiful and serene parts of the country it would be remiss of us not to show you around. We will be kickstarting the entire weekend with an energetic and beautiful scenic hike in our backyard, Connemara.






Each evening we will gather for a delicious meal, allowing ideas to settle in our minds while we break bread and digest the lessons of the day in a friendly convivial atmosphere knowing we're surrounded by people on similar journeys to ourselves. 



We are going to be nestled right in the middle of Knock Village, close to local amenities if required but isolated enough to keep us focussed on the retreat itself. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The retreats runs from 2pm on Friday the 1st of November to 5pm on Sunday the 3rd. 

All physical activities are designed in a way to cater for but challenge all levels of fitness. No session will be about competing with anyone else in the group, but instead recognising your own strengths and weaknesses. By bringing awareness to your current fitness levels you'll be able to choose areas to work on going forward. 

(There won't be any experience required for the Jiu-Jitsu and MMA sessions either and sessions will cater for all levels.)

No experience at this type of retreat is needed. All we ask is that you come in open and willing to do the work. 

You will be encouraged, challenged, supported and coached by Pat and other members of the group, all with the intention of helping you see your blind spots and move toward aligned and authentic goals and intentions. 

We would ask that you bring sports gear and comfortable clothing for the weekend. A full packing list will be provided upon sign up. 

All meals and snacks are provided onsite at the retreat venue. Upon sign up you will be asked to provide any specific dietary requirements, but of course you are free to bring any food of your own as there is a canteen area you can utilize to prepare basic snacks(sandwiches, cereals, salads, shakes etc)

Absolutely. This question can work both ways in that, perhaps you will feel better bringing someone along, maybe you'll feel more confident with the exercises and other activities if you had a familiar face to partner up with. However, we want people to also make new friends and become invested in the process of change and networking in new ways. In any case, this is entirely up to you. 

In short, no.

The nature of looking into a course like this suggests you're already looking to improve upon the circumstances of your life as you currently see it. The three day event, alongside the four weeks of pre-event training provided will ensure you are shining light on the areas that are significant and meaningful to you. 


This event has been specifically designed to cater to men who are at a crossroads or a junction in their lives and want to see what is possible for them going forwards. You will be required to invest time, energy and more importantly, your trust in the events outlined above. The more daunting a task me seem, the more necessary it may be for you to commit to it. You will be surrounded with individuals who also see the value and necessity of that commitment, with no demand on you to go it alone.



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