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👉 I help high performers master their mindset to get the most out of work and life. No woo-woo, just practical evidence based tools for better living.

Each month your employee's will receive:

A 60 Minute Wellness Webinar.

These recorded sessions offer accessible and engaging concepts, exercises and tools to support self care.

Workbook and Practical Exercises.

The simple practical exercises and workbook shared each month will offer tangible steps the participant can take to immediately implement the self care practices shared.

Reset Breathwork Session.

The monthly breathwork session offered to participants allows a space to be guided to a state of deep relaxation whilst letting go of deeply held stress and tension.

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Some Outcomes-

-Improved emotional awareness and literacy

-Capacity to identify and communicate your needs

-Communication and conflict resolution skills 

-Working with grief, anger, fear and shame 

-Moving beyond unhelpful patterns and cycles 

-Integrating shadow material (unconscious drivers and patterns)

-Developing healthy boundaries

The Work Can Include-

-Jungian and Archetypal Psychology

-Shadow Work 

-Compassionate Inquiry

-Grief Work

-Health and Nutrition Coaching


-Connected Breathwork Journeys

-Trauma Release Exercises

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Gary Cully
Professional Boxer

WBO European Lightweight Champion

“I first reached out to Pat back in 2020 to look for some advice on dealing with ‘nerves’ in the lead up to some of my fights and to get some guidance on improving my mindset to become a better athlete and a better person overall. Since then we’ve built a relationship and Pat has been somebody I can count on to be there to listen to me voice my frustrations about a shit week in the gym or a sparring session that hasn’t gone to plan. As well as listening to me moan, he’s also gifted me with some simple tools that when put into practice, can get me out of my head and back on track after one of those lackluster weeks. I would go as far as saying the guidance I’ve received off Pat is priceless and he is a vital part in making sure my head is in the right place coming into a big fight week.”


Some organisations that Pat has worked with...

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Shane Campbell

Trainee Psychotherapist

“I recently had the privilege of experiencing a profoundly transformative session with Pat Divilly, in what was nothing short of a remarkable step towards healing and self-discovery. As someone who is passionate about the field of psychotherapy and always seeking to expand my understanding of the mind-body connection, I was genuinely impressed by the myofascial energetic release treatment I received and the tension and trauma exercises that Pat walked me through.


Pat's expertise and genuine care for his clients shone through from the moment we began. Despite my initial apprehensions, he created a safe and nurturing space where I felt comfortable and at ease. It was evident that Pat possesses a deep understanding of the human body and its intricate connections with emotions and mental well-being.


Throughout the session, I was amazed at how Pat intuitively guided the process, seamlessly addressing both physical tension and emotional blockages. His ability to attune to my needs and provide personalized care was truly exceptional. The myofascial energetic release technique used was gentle yet powerful, allowing for a profound release of tension and stagnant energy.


Without going into too much detail, as it's essential to respect the privacy of the experience, I can confidently say that I left the session feeling lighter, more balanced, and with a newfound sense of clarity. Pat's holistic approach to healing left a lasting impression on me and reinforced my passion for psychotherapy and its integration with other modalities.


I wholeheartedly recommend Pat Divilly to anyone seeking a skilled practitioner who understands the interconnectedness of the body and mind. Whether you are experienced in bodywork or just beginning your healing journey, Pat's expertise and compassionate nature make him an exceptional choice.


Thank you, Pat, for the profound experience and for reminding me of the limitless potential of healing through body-based therapies. I look forward to integrating these learnings into my future practice as a psychotherapist and continuing to explore the incredible benefits of body work.”

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